Guest Blogger: Jason Helopoulos

Christians, don’t get too worked up about that new best-seller, popular philosophy, misguided ethic, or latest government action. Christ reigns and no enemy can thwart the Church or the Christian faith.

The Powerful may scheme, but cannot crush Christianity.
Philosophers may pontificate, but cannot “out-truth” Christianity.
World Religions may spread, but cannot overcome Christianity.
Professors may lecture, but cannot unravel Christianity.
Persecution may kill, but cannot annihilate Christianity.
Bad preaching may undermine, but cannot undo Christianity.
Politicians may legislate, but cannot reduce Christianity.
Riches may seduce, but cannot outlive Christianity.
Empires may consolidate, but cannot subjugate Christianity.
Lies may confuse, but cannot unravel Christianity.
Fear may disquiet, but cannot destroy Christianity.
Heresy may darken, but cannot untruth Christianity.
News outlets may ignore, but cannot dismiss Christianity.
Moralists may mislead, but cannot proxy for Christianity.
Rulers may outlaw, but cannot vanquish Christianity.
Sin may instigate, but cannot overpower Christianity.
Satan may tempt, but cannot unseat Christianity.

No empire, no country, no sin, no spirit, no lie, no religion, no philosophy, no thought, no school, no law, no edict, no emotion, no sentiment, no feeling, no ruler, no emperor, no king, no politician, no initiative, no discrimination, no nothing and no one can unravel Christianity. Every enemy of Christianity shall fail. Every foe is left undone.

It is guaranteed. It is secured. Because we have a Risen Savior, who reigns over all. The gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church. No matter what apparent setbacks we see, hear, feel, or think. He has secured the victory, reigns in victory, and shall consummate the victory. This is His world. Dear Christian, though surrounded by enemies on every side, you can rest at peace in a Savior, who reigns now and forevermore. Onward Christian soldiers!