Together for the Gospel is just a week away. I know I’m not alone in eagerly anticipating this biennial conference.

Even though the schedule and crowd can be overwhelming, there’s nothing like the singing, the bookstore, and the opportunities to see old friends and meet new ones. And of course, the plenary speakers are fantastic. I attended both previous T4G’s and left feeling encouraged in my faith, encouraged in the gospel, and encouraged to preach with bolder truth and more lavish grace.

T4G is a highlight of my year. And probably is for 7000 other Christians. So we really ought to pray in preparation for next week.

  • Pray for safe travel.
  • Pray for good conversations on the road and in the hotel.
  • Pray for the ability to comprehend and apply a fire hose of good teaching.
  • Pray for the speakers, for their preparation, for their hearts, for their health, for passion and humility.
  • Pray that thousands of local churches would be strengthened through this gathering.
  • Pray against envy, comparison, competition, and pride.
  • Pray for discernment to buy some good books, not too few and not too many.
  • Pray for the families left back at home, mostly wives and children.
  • Pray for musicians, technicians, and volunteers who will serve us during the conference.
  • Pray for conversions. Some in attendance may not be believers. Certainly thousands in Louisville aren’t and could hear the gospel from one of us.

In particular we can pray for the folks working behind the scenes to put together this massive event. There must be hundreds laboring on our behalf. But I know of three men in particular who need our prayers:

Paul Medler (Sovereign Grace)
Matt Schmucker (9Marks)
Andrew Sherwood (9Marks)

These brothers have been and will be serving us in countless ways. I asked Paul Medler how we could pray. He wrote:

Prayer would be appreciated—the key people are Matt Schmucker, assisted by Andrew Sherwood (both 9Marks) and me. With 7,000 attending, there are many details and items to be coordinated, so we’d appreciate prayer for the ability to be diligent, clear-minded, and attentive to the many details, and for stamina and good health! Thanks!

If you’re heading to Louisville, take time in the next week to pray for T4G. And pray especially for Paul, Matt, and Andrew and their teams. May God be glorified in every aspect of our days together.