Division in the gospel is tragic and an affront to Christ. Division because of the gospel is expected. When Paul and Barnabas preached “the word of his grace” in Iconium, the people of the city “were divided” (Gk: schizo). God’s truth is often controversial, and schism on account of the truth is often unavoidable.

Calvin’s words are wise:

So soon as any schism arises, before we condemn those who seem to be the authors, it behooves us wisely to consider who ought to bear the blame. We hear here that one city was divided, whereby some were brought unto Christ. The Spirit of God pronounces this to the praise, and not to the shame, of Paul and Barnabas.

The same rule must we observe at this day, lest the gospel be burdened with false envy, if it bring not men together unto God, but the wicked rage against it. It is assuredly a miserable matter to see division among men. But as the unity is accursed which does separate us all from God, so it were better that a few should depart a hundred times from all the whole world, and, in the mean season, come in favor again with God, than that disagreeing with him continually, they should have peace with the world. (Commentary on The Acts of the Apostles)

Sometimes centering on the gospel does not bring people together. Of course, this is no excuse for anger, bitterness, or obnoxiousness in presenting the gospel. But all things considered, it is certainly safer to have enemies in this life than to have God as your enemy in the next.