Francis Beckwith once wrote:

No Supreme Court opinion has been more misunderstood and its arguments more misrepresented in the public square than Roe v. Wade (1973).

There seems to be a widespread perception that Roe was a moderate opinion that does not support abortion on demand, i.e., unrestricted abortion for all nine months for virtually any reason.

This leads to all sorts of strange results, like the majority of American supporting Roe, while just 29% of Americans want abortion to remain “legal under any circumstances” (which is what Roe v. Wade functionally means, when taken—as it was intended—with its companion decision, Doe v. Bolton).

I recently came across the Wardenclyffe Academy. They are beginning to produce free videos on YouTube marked by careful scholarship and interesting animation with the goal of help to make complicated ideas more accessible.

(The two guys behind it are Peter Kinney and Logan Zeppieri. Peter—who does the voice-over—graduated from CSU Sacramento with a BA in Ethics, Politics, and Law, and he will be attending law school at Liberty University. Logan—the animator—graduated from CSU Sacramento with a BA in Philosophy of Science and an MA in Philosophy from Talbot School of Theology. They co-author the scripts.)

The three videos below on Roe v. Wade walk through its origin, its journey from the District Court to the Supreme Court, and the nature of the Supreme Court’s ruling.