John Piper’s tribute is worthy of a hearty amen.

An excerpt:

We love you Don because of your work, and because of the life that gave it birth, and because of the Lord that gave you life. We delight in you. We have a deep affection for you. Because . . .

  • Because you have walked in purity and cherished your one wife.
  • Because you have loved your children and honored your father.
  • Because you heard and followed the call of God.
  • Because you have given your mind wholly to God not money.
  • Because you pursued learning, but even more, wisdom.
  • Because you have been tenderhearted and courageous.
  • Because you have been jealous for imputation and holiness of life.
  • Because your soul did not shrivel up in grammatical minutia, but lived in the broadness of  adoration.
  • Because you embraced the sweet, deep, satisfying delights of historic, biblical doctrine, and exposed the folly of a hundred emerging departures.
  • Because you have soared in the verity of precious propositions, and in the evocative power of poetry.
  • Because you have been secondarily a great defender of Christ, but mainly a joyful advocate and witness.
  • Because you have honored the guild with your mind, but served the church with all your heart.
  • Because you have submitted to the whole counsel of God, and submitted to every sentence in the Bible.
  • Because you have kept the crucified and risen Christ at the center of it all.
  • And because you have done everything the name of Jesus and for the glory of God.