How do you think about God when the news comes that your second child—like your first—will be born with spina bifida?

Josh McPherson, lead preaching pastor at Grace Covenant Church in Wenatchee, WA, reflects on his theological journey through pain and suffering:

I used to say, years ago, when people would ask how I reconciled evil and suffering with the reality of a loving God, I’d say something like, “God did not cause it, but He can use it for good.” However, that answer quickly let me down. After 6 pregnancies in 6 years, 2 ending in difficult mis-carriages, a third coming dangerously close, and 2 resulting in severe birth defects, I do not say that any more. Primarily because I don’t believe it to be true.

This video is a clip from his announcement to the church (January 29, 2012) about the diagnosis.

I would encourage you to read or listen to the full sermon. It is a wonderful testimony of God’s sustaining grace.

Gideon Joshua McPherson was born Friday night, May 4, and is fighting like a champ. You can follow the CaringBridge page here.

HT: Mark Driscoll