Grace Reformation Church of Woodland, CA, is hosting a very interesting event: the Unity and Diversity Forum (November 21-22).

Four distinct Bible scholars are coming together, David M. VanDrunen, Thomas Schreiner, Gary DeMar, and Barry E. Horner to discuss how Christians may disagree and still be united over issues of Infant Baptism, Believer’s Baptism, Eschataology, and Evangelical Feminism vs. Complementarianism. Each has a unique perspective and will help us learn and grow in Christ.

For more information you can download a brochure in PDF.

Here’s the schedule:

Friday, November 21
7:00pm – Forum: Thomas Schreiner and David VanDrunen – What Should be Practiced: Infant or Believer’s Baptism?

Saturday, November 22*
8:30am – Presentation: Thomas Schreiner – The Now & the Not Yet: Holding to the Biblical Tensions
9:30am – Forum: Gary DeMar and Barry Horner – Matthew 24: Is it Future or Fulfilled?
12:00am – Lunch
1:00pm – Presentation: Gary DeMar – Replacement Theology, Promises Fulfilled, or Future Israel?
2:00pm – Break
2:15pm – Presentation: Barry Horner – Replacement Theology, Promises Fulfilled, or Future Israel?
3:15pm – Closing Thoughts: Ron Poarch – Wise Thoughts for Unity
* An offering will be taken to help cover costs.

Sunday Morning Service at Grace Reformation Church
10:30am – Preaching: Thomas Schreiner – Men & Women in Christ’s Church: Who Does What?