Blasie Pascal (Pensées, #164):

What a figment of the imagination human beings are!

What a novelty, what monsters!

judging everything,
mindless worm of the earth,
storehouse of truth,
cesspool of uncertainty and error,
glory and reject of the universe.

Who will unravel this tangle?

D.A. Carson (Holy Sonnets, #7):

A paradox, this man: both son of God
And rebel, stellar powers bursting out
Through spirit mean and shoddy, cloaked about
With fine creative genius, yet a clod
Of dirt, compounded equally of sod
And everlasting consciousness, a lout
With moral aspirations, clutching clout
In empty power scrambles, sordid, odd.
Reflecting the Creator, given high
Preferment, ever served by angel hosts,
This son of wrath, preferring darkness, died,
His true paternity a barren boast.
God spoke: in his own image he made man;
And blemished though that image be, it stands.