finalLent—when many in the Church mark the 40 days leading up to Easter Sunday—begins this Wednesday.

Crossway has recently published The Final Days of Jesus: The Most Important Week of the Most Important Person Who Ever Lived, which I co-authored with noted New Testament scholar Andreas J. Köstenberger.

The book is available at Amazon, WTS, B&N, CBD, and other retailers.

For those who might want to read the book during Lent as a small group or for churches who wanted to order multiple copies, the best deal I’ve seen is from WTS, which is offering it for only $7 a copy (61% off) if you order 5 copies or more.

Note that Crossway has also made available a free discussion and study guide (by Alexander Stewart), along with a free 40-day reading guide (by David Schrock).

Here are a couple of comments about the book that summarize what we were trying to accomplish:

“This is an immensely helpful guide to the last week of Jesus’s life—historically, theologically, and devotionally. Historically, it provides a likely chronology of Passion Week, chock full of historical, cultural, and geographical insights. Theologically, the authors provide the text of the four Gospels with helpful commentary, noting the theological contributions of each evangelist. Devotionally, the reader has the privilege of walking with Jesus through the most important week of human history—the climax of God’s redemptive plan. A feast of insights for both mind and heart.”
—Mark Strauss, Professor of New Testament, Bethel Seminary San Diego

“Holy Week is arguably the most sacred time of year for Christians. Andreas Köstenberger and Justin Taylor provide a simple yet eloquent survey of the final week of Jesus’s life. They take readers on a pilgrimage through the Gospels and invite us to follow Jesus in his triumphal entry into Jerusalem, on to the dark and tragic moments of Golgotha, and through to the glorious and unspeakable joy at the feet of the risen Jesus. In short, this is a wonderful resource for individuals, families, and fellowships to learn more about the Easter story, the greatest story ever told.”
—Michael F. Bird, Lecturer in Theology, Ridley Melbourne College of Mission and Ministry

In short, you’ll find the complete Gospel accounts of Jesus’s final week, arranged in a day-by-day order in harmony format, with informed but accessible commentary, along with maps, charts, diagrams, and a glossary.

You can take a look here: