The ESV Concise Bible Atlas is now available. In my (obviously) biased opinion, the best atlas for serious students of God’s word is the full 352-page hardcover Crossway ESV Bible Atlas. As John McRay (professor emeritus of NT and archaeology) at Wheaton College wrote, “During the 44 years I served as a college professor I used many good atlases. However, I have never seen one comparable to this in the breadth of material, the depth of coverage, and the outstanding quality of its impressive and abundantly illustrated maps and photos of Bible lands.” But if you are looking something more portable and less expensive (64-page paperback for around $10), the ESV Concise Bible Atlas will be very helpful. Its trim size (9.0 in x 11.75 in) really allows the beautiful reconstructions of Jerusalem and the temples (for example) to pop off of the page.

You can take a look at a PDF sample here, or browse through it below: