Article IX of the 1878 Niagara Creed developed around their Bible conferences:

We believe that all the Scriptures, from first to last, center about our Lord Jesus Christ, in His Person and work, in first and second coming; and hence that no chapter even of the Old Testament is properly read or understood until it leads to Him; and moreover, that all the Scriptures from first to last, including every chapter of the Old Testament, were designed for our practical instruction. (Luke 24:27,44; John 5:39; Acts 7:2-3; Acts 18:28; Acts 26:22-23; Acts 28:23; Romans 15:4; 1 Corinthians 10:11)

It’s interesting to note that the Niagara conference folks were dispensationalists, whereas the rise of Christocentric hermeneutics in the 20th century seems more associated with covenant theologians.