The Gospel Coalition offers a chance to win one of three $100 bookstore gift cards redeemable at its upcoming 2011 national conference, April 12 to 14, in downtown Chicago. Everyone who registers for the conference this week (August 16 to 21) will be entered to win. The early bird rate of $200 ($100 for full-time students and international attendees) applies. Married couples can register early for $300, $100 off the regular price. Contest winners will be announced next week.

Learn more about the conference at the new FAQ page. Here’s an overview of what’s in store for April at McCormick Place in Chicago:

Many pastors and Bible teachers hunger to handle the Old Testament with more confidence—in the same way that New Testament writers handle it, in a way that understands how and why the New Testament writers treat the Old Testament as they do, and so arrive at Jesus and the gospel. We might have begun by working through a number of New Testament passages where the Old is quoted, but we decided to start at the other end.

This way we may hope to model how a selection of Old Testament texts might be taught or preached—all in the hope of better learning how to teach and preach the whole counsel of God, how to become workers who do not need to be ashamed as we handle the Word of truth.