Some blurbs below (including one from me) on the new book Red Like Blood: Confrontations with Grace, by Joe Coffey and Bob Bevington (Shepherd’s Press).

“Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me.” These memorable words from the pen of ex-slave trader, John Newton, could well be the sub-title of Red Like Blood. This book is the story of two men; one a preacher and the other an obvious sinner, who both learned to drink deeply from the gospel and to experience the amazing grace of God. Red Like Blood is captivating, challenging, and encouraging. Both believers and non-believers will enjoy and profit from this book.”

—Jerry Bridges

“Bob and Joe shouldn’t be friends. They have different backgrounds, different personalities, different stories. But in these pages you’ll read the true story of a stunning event in the past that made them blood brothers for life. But be forewarned: this isn’t a typical ‘Christian book’ where the authors wear sanitized masks and explain how to live the good life. It’s an exercise in earthy honesty and gritty grace. These are guys who have seen sin up close and personal, and cannot get over being amazed by a bloody and risen and reigning Savior. Expect to be changed by reading it.”

—Justin Taylor

“So much of what purports to be Christianity fails to be real. It is faux Christianity: man-centered, self-atoning, conscience-easing religious therapy for those who don’t want to feel needy or broken. Red Like Blood is real. Through the humble stories of two uncomfortably honest men you’ll see the depth of your own need and you’ll celebrate the Savior who meets, forgives, and transforms you too.”

—Paul David Tripp

You can download chapters 1 and 10 for free.