Update: See Collin Hansen’s review of the same concert I went to, along with an interview with Trip Lee and Shai Linne.

I want to second Erik Raymond’s post here. Erik went to an Unashamed concert in Omaha and thinks through its (1) gospel clarity and depth, (2) gospel humility, (3) gospel quality, and (4) gospel impact.

A few nights ago I was at the Chicago concert, and I couldn’t agree more. It was deeply moving to me, in part because I brought along a friend who is not walking with the Lord and who had never been to anything like this. As I saw tears in my friend’s eyes during the close of Trip Lee’s song “Invasion,” I could only rejoice. And to hear Trip preach the gospel at the end—with depth, nuance, clarity, and power—my heart continued to soar. [You can hear his presentation in the YouTube video here.]

I’ll have more to say about Lecrae and Trip in particular in the days ahead (including a long interview), but for now I wanted to give public thanks to God for what he has done and is doing in these brothers, and through them. There is something remarkable going on here. May God keep all these guys humble and faithful.

I’ve posted these before, but here are some of the videos that are popular in our house these days:

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