The Gospel Coalition unveils a new project on Preaching Christ from the Old Testament, with reflections, interviews, recommended reading, etc. This looks like an incredible resource to serve the church.

Collin Hansen introduces the project. Here’s an excerpt:

This expansive and expanding collection of resources—books, articles, sermons, workshops, interviews, outlines, and more—seeks to equip teachers so they can acquaint other Christians with the full gospel story. Whether you preach regularly, lead a small group, or simply want to learn more about the Bible, you’ll find resources here that will unveil the incomparable beauty of this grand, sweeping narrative. . . . We’ve surveyed practitioners who faithfully model gospel-centered preaching to recommend the best books on the subject in general and specifically related to a variety of topics. Already you’ll see that we’ve devoted pages to preaching Old Testament narrative, the Ten Commandments, Jonah, and Psalms. This is just a start. We’ll continue to build the site with more recommendations to prepare you to teach Old Testament genres, subjects, books, and characters. We’ll also address the New Testament’s use of the Old Testament and biblical/theological themes we can trace from Genesis to Revelation.

Below are a few new related pieces from TGC: a brief overview from Carson, an interview with Greidanus, and a caution from House: