A Poem about the New Heavens and New Earth


From John Piper’s poem “Glorified” (written in 1985) on what every Christian longs to see someday.

And then the Lord Wiped every tear away and turned To see his bride. Her heart had yearned Four thousand years for this: His face Shone like the sun, and every trace Of wrath was gone. And in her bliss She heard the Master say, “Watch this: Come forth all goodness from the ground, Come forth and let the earth redound With joy.” And as he spoke, the throne Of God came down to earth and shone Like golden crystal full of light, And banished once for all the night. And from the throne a stream began To flow and laugh, and as it ran, It made a river and a lake, And everywhere it flowed a wake Of grass broke on the banks and spread Like resurrection from the dead.

And in the twinkling of an eye The saints descended from the sky.

And as I knelt beside the brook To drink eternal life, I took A glance across the golden grass, And saw my dog, old Blackie, fast As she could come. She leaped the stream— Almost—and what a happy gleam Was in her eye. I knelt to drink, And knew that I was on the brink Of endless joy. And everywhere I turned I saw a wonder there. A big man running on the lawn: That’s old John Younge with both legs on. And there’s old Beryl, and Arnold too, Still holding hands beneath the blue And crystal sky: No stoop, they stand Erect. No tremor in their hand. The blind can see a bird on wing, The dumb can lift his voice and sing. The diabetic eats at will, The coronary runs uphill. The lame can walk, the deaf can hear, The cancer-ridden bone is clear. Arthritic joints are lithe and free, And every pain has ceased to be. And every sorrow deep within, And every trace of lingering sin Is gone. And all that’s left is joy, And endless ages to employ The mind and heart to understand And love the sovereign Lord who planned That it should take eternity To lavish all his grace on me.

O God of wonder, God of might, Grant us some elevated sight, Of endless days. And let us see The joy of what is yet to be. And may your future make us free, And guard us by the hope that we, Within the light of candle three, Your glory will forever see.

You can read the whole thing here (which also includes audio of Piper reading it).

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