This video would be a good teaser/introduction to Mike Cosper’s TGC article, “The Satanic Ideology of Photoshop“:

Dove knows how to identify a problem—but not the problem, and not the solution. As David Powlison once commented:

It’s a great example of the close co-operation and simultaneous interworking between common grace and noetic sin, isn’t it.

On the one hand, very insightful, well-intended, blowing the cover on cultural idols/ideals, with an instinct that shows traces of a recognition of God’s creation . . . and yet, on the other hand, it is fundamentally misguided in its self-referential self-affirming “salvation,” in its frank suppression of that Creator, in its denial of the active and fallen human heart that willingly embraces lies

Cosper’s article can be read here.