What If We All Pitched in to Help Young Urban Adults Make More Disciples of Jesus Christ?

I’ve long been a fan of  The Legacy, a ministry that “exists to equip disciples of Christ to make disciples for Christ.”

We train young, urban adults to develop life-on-life relationships through holistic discipleship.

At conferences and online, The Legacy unites diverse ministers to facilitate teaching on subjects such as disciple-making, biblical manhood and womanhood, evangelism, hermeneutics, community impact and doctrine.

Their statement of belief is the five solas of the Reformation.

Their annual conference has traditionally been in Chicago, but now they are looking to expand into five regional annual conferences by 2020 in order to make it more accessible to their target audience: young urban adults.

They are creating ongoing content to be posted on their website and through the Legacy Disciple app to continue to equip the urban church to grow as disciples of Christ and to make disciples for Christ.

If you want to help, they provide staffing and the resources to make this happen, they have just launched a Patreon, is seeking to mobilize up to 450 partners to give $10/ month or more.

For some of us, this is an opportunity to stop merely complaining or lamenting and start putting our money where our mouth is.