Tim Savage’s new book, No Ordinary Marriage: Together for God’s Glory, is undoubtedly the first (and probably the last) to be endorsed by both Kevin Vanhoozer (a rock star of theologians) and Alice Cooper (a rock star of rock stars).

Vanhoozer writes:

No Ordinary Marriage is an extraordinary book. What makes this work stand out in an overcrowded marketplace of ‘how to’ books is its compelling vision of marriage for the glory of God. I know of few books on marriage that combine elegant writing, sound doctrine, clear illustrations, and practical advice in equal measure. This is a book on marriage made in heaven. No one, or couple, who reads this book will look at marriage in an ordinary way again.

Cooper writes:

No Ordinary Marriage explains how a marriage is intended to glorify God. Dr. Tim Savage writes not in a spirit of condemnation, but rather of encouragement as he paints a picture of what marriage is really meant to be. In reading this book, Sheryl—my wife of nearly 36 years—and I found ourselves challenged and inspired to rely on God as the core of our marriage.

Savage, whose PhD is in the New Testament from Cambridge University, is pastor of Camelback Bible Church in Paradise Valley, AZ.

You can read the introduction and chapter 2 online for free.

Here is a conversation we recently had about the book and the keys to having a gospel-centered marriage for the glory of God: