Nancy Leigh DeMoss:

My dear friends,

By now, you’ve heard that I am engaged to be married. I understand that you may be in a state of shock at this news. Based on the response of some who have learned about this development in recent weeks, they may sooner have expected the earth and the sun to collide!

Well, no one could have been more caught off guard by this turn of events than I. In recent years, I have found myself in the most settled, contented, healthy, fruitful place of life and ministry ever. I did not have the slightest inkling that He was about to call me to step out into a whole new realm of faith and service.

Enter the God of love, mystery, and surprises!

In the days ahead, I am eager to share that story with you, my beloved friends and partners in ministry. Here’s a bit of background and update for starters . . .

You can read the whole thing here, including a video message from Nancy.

Amen to John Piper’s words:

The news of Nancy DeMoss and Robert Wolgemuth’s engagement is like hearing that a veteran, highly skilled mountain climbing guide (Nancy) is about to switch to tandem hang gliding over the Rockies. Nancy has given thousands the best glimpses from the highest peaks of singleness. Now she will see it all from a different angle. I am eager to hear the reports (so are thousands).