Guest Post by Robert Sagers

Evangelical leader John R. W. Stott passed away three days ago. A number of Christian leaders and others have since honored and remembered Dr. Stott (links below).

Perhaps you could take a moment to thank God for his work in and through Dr. Stott—and pray that God would be kind to raise up more like him for the gospel, for Christ.

Langham Partnership International

Christianity Today

The Telegraph (HT)

New York Times

John Piper

David Dockery

Paul Zahl

Derek Thomas

John Stackhouse

Greg Thornbury, Mark Coppenger, Ben Mitchell, Peter Riddell, Michael McClenahan, Charles Marnham (HT)

Denny Burk

Nathan Finn (HT via)

Assorted Tweets Collected by Tim Challies (HT via)

Tim Brister

Tim Chester (HT)

Allen Yeh

Don Sweeting

Justin Taylor (who also pointed me to a few of these links)

—And 731 posts (and counting) at the John R. W. Stott “Remembrance Book”

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