Below is an hour-long video of Matt Chandler sharing briefly on God’s work in his suffering, followed by C.J. Mahaney giving practical counsel on how pastors should prepare their people for suffering. (See my notes below.) At the end the men gather to pray for Matt, led by John Piper.

Here is the video:

Here are some practical recommendations from C.J. on the crucial pastoral task of preparing people to suffer well.

1. Suffering should inform the preaching diet of your church.

2. Draw attention to living illustrations of glorifying God in the midst of suffering.

3. Develop a curriculum of supplemental materials on the topic of suffering so that you can transfer a theology of suffering.

He suggested utilizing the following resources:

4. The most effective way to prepare a church for, and to comfort a church in, suffering is to preach the gospel.

5. Where and when possible, let’s be there at their side when they suffer.