Tony Reinke:

Spanning more than four months on the blog, C.J.’s 17-part series on biblical productivity has finally concluded. Via email and in personal conversations many of you have requested that the series be provided as a single document to make it easier to print and read. And today we are making this entire series available as a single 36-page document. You can view and download the PDF by clicking here (0.6 MB):

Index of posts below:

  1. Are You Busy?
  2. Confessions of a Busy Procrastinator
  3. The Procrastinator Within
  4. Just Do It
  5. In All Thy Ways
  6. The Sluggard
  7. Time. Redeemed.
  8. Roles, Goals, Scheduling
  9. Roles (Part 1)
  10. Roles (Part 2)
  11. Goals (Part 1)
  12. Goals (Part 2)
  13. Goals (Part 3)
  14. Goals (Part 4)
  15. Scheduling the Unexpected
  16. The To-Do Lists Are Never Done
  17. Self-Sufficient