Zambian pastor and author Conrad Mbewe is one of the new voices coming to ESV.org and the ESV Bible app in 2023.

You can listen below as he reads Psalm 67:

Current Voices

Kristyn Getty

David Cochran Heath

Forthcoming Voices

Ray Ortlund

Jackie Hill Perry

Robert Smith

Michael Reeves

Thomas Terry

Conrad Mbewe

How to Listen at ESV.org

To listen to the Bible at ESV.org, simply create a free account and navigate to a passage of Scripture. Click on the megaphone icon in the upper left corner of the screen and select “Change Voice.” From there, choose between the voice options, then press the play button to begin hearing the Scripture read in your selected voice.

How to Listen on the ESV Bible App

To listen on the ESV Bible app on iOs and Android, navigate to a passage of Scripture, click on the megaphone icon and then select a voice in the lower left-hand corner.