I found these suggestions, observations, and reflections by John Piper very helpful:

  1. Preempt the next newsflash with prior teaching on how God views race.
  2. Proactively instill biblical categories so that your people are not limited to the political and ideological categories of the media.
  3. The command of Jesus to love our enemies (Matthew 5:44) is universally relevant and deeply transforming.
  4. Christ-exalting, Spirit-given heart-change, attitude-change, and relational-change are linked essentially.
  5. Christians should care about changed lives and changed laws.
  6. Don’t expect remedies from secular institutions that can’t even name the disease.
  7. Beware of saying that the condition of society is the report card of the church.
  8. Ethnic and religious conflict is intensifying globally.
  9. Beware of false alternatives: Assimilation vs. Balkanization.
  10. Never drive a wedge between the call for personal responsibility and structural change.
  11. Common grace calls for reflection and celebration over ways police can do better.
  12. One flesh-and-blood relationship with another ethnicity is worth a hundred conferences and panels and books.
  13. Generalizations from specifics are necessary for life, but we need not act on our stereotypes.
  14. Cultivate coronary Christians, not adrenaline Christians.
  15. Racism is part of the seamless fabric of sin in human life.
  16. Only the gospel of Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit, severs the roots that feed racism.

Go here to read an explanation for each one.

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