This blurb caught my eye, written by someone who knows and reads a lot of books:

As a bookseller I am sometimes asked to help people find just the right book that will help them relate Christian faith to their careers, callings, interests and passions.

Sometimes, in some fields, this is difficult, if there are few great books in that field, or they are exceedingly difficult, less than theologically reliable, or poorly written.

Occasionally, though, I see a book and I want to tell everybody interested in its topic that it is a must-read, a nearly perfect resource for their precise purposes.

Even more rare is the book I want to tell everybody everywhere to read, as a model of creative Christian scholarship, useful, artful, beautifully designed, insightful, fun. It Was Good: Making Music to the Glory of God is just such a book. Everyone should be so fortunate as to have a book like this in their area of interest! Certainly for every musician, of any sort, and for anyone who likes music or even for those who don’t, this is a magnificent book, amazingly conceived and wonderfully produced. This is a truly remarkable achievement. Spread the word!

—Byron Borger, Hearts & Minds Bookstore

The book looks quite good, covering the gamut of issues related to music written by a number of musicians—from jazz (Bill Edgar) to modern hymns (Keith Getty), from truth (Shai Linne) to creativity (Sandra McCracken), from mission (Charlie Peacock) to training (Mark Foreman), and many more.

The book is a sequel/companion to the well-received publication, It Was Good: Making Art to the Glory of God.