Brett McCracken’s new book, Hipster Christianity: When Church and Cool Collide, is now available.

Here’s the blurb I wrote for the book:

Whether you’re a Christian hipster (like Brett McCracken) or a hopeless nonhipster (like me), you’re in for some surprises with this book. It’s simultaneously more serious, more enjoyable, and more critical than you might think at first glance. Brett is able to put his finger on the pulse of hipster Christianity and yet point all of us back to the gloriously eternal and unchanging truth of the gospel. The result is an outstanding example of truth-in-love theological journalism.

Here is Scot McKnight’s take on it:

Brett McCracken courageously and accurately sketches the perennial temptation to sacrifice faithfulness on the altar of “cool.” Every pastor, youth pastor, college chaplain, and Christian college professor needs to sit down with Hipster Christianity, read it carefully, and take a good hard look at whether we are being faithful or being cool. The best example of generous orthodoxy I’ve seen yet.

You can read the introduction and first chapter online for free.