It’s not easy to keep a secret. Especially for three years and running.

But this Saturday (October 2, 2010) Sam Storms, Crossway, and I—along with a host of helpers—were able to surprise John Piper with the gift of a 542-page book with essays from 27 friends and colleagues: For the Fame of God’s Name: Essays in Honor of John Piper. I know I am biased, but the book contains a significant number of outstanding essays, from Christian Hedonism to Jonathan Edwards on the sovereignty of God to the already/not-yet phases of justification to Christus Victor and substitutionary atonement to what is means for a pastor to be worshipper, and shepherd, and counselor—and, well, you get the idea.

In the 15-minute presentation at the Desiring God Conference—which you can watch on video below—Sam reads part of our introduction (“A Note to John Piper”), I read the chapter titles and their contributors, John receives the book, and then Lane Dennis (president and publisher of Crossway) prays a prayer of dedication:

You can read the table of contents, and D.A. Carson’s new, substantive essay “What Is the Gospel?—Revisited” as a free, 32-page PDF [updated link] or you can flip through it here:

Here is the full list of contents:

A Note to John Piper
Sam Storms and Justin Taylor

Part 1: John Piper

1. A Personal Tribute to the Praise of God’s Infinite Glory and Abounding Grace
David Michael

2. Three Doors Down from a Power Plant
David Livingston

3. Who Is John Piper?
David Mathis

Part 2: Christian Hedonism

4. Christian Hedonism: Piper and Edwards on the Pursuit of Joy in God
Sam Storms

5. When All Hope Has Died: Meditations on Profound Christian Suffering
Mark R. Talbot

Part 3: The Sovereignty of God

6. The Sovereignty of God in the Theology of Jonathan Edwards
Donald J. Westblade

7. Prayer and the Sovereignty of God
Bruce A. Ware

Part 4: The Gospel, the Cross, and the Resurrection of Christ

8. What Is the Gospel?—Revisited
D. A. Carson

9. Christus Victor et Propitiator: The Death of Christ, Substitute and Conqueror
Sinclair B. Ferguson

10. The Role of Resurrection in the Already and Not-Yet Phases of Justification
G. K. Beale

Part 5: The Supremacy of God in All Things

11. A Biblical Theology of the Glory of God
Thomas R. Schreiner

12. The Kingdom of God as the Mission of God
Scott J. Hafemann

13. The Mystery of Marriage
James M. Hamilton Jr.

14. Pleasing God by Our Obedience: A Neglected New Testament Teaching
Wayne Grudem

15. The Glory and Supremacy of Jesus Christ in Ethnic Distinctions and over Ethnic Identities
Thabiti Anyabwile

16. Dethroning Money to Treasure Christ Above All
Randy Alcorn

17. “Abortion Is About God”: Piper’s Passionate, Prophetic Pro-Life Preaching
Justin Taylor

18. A God-Centered Worldview: Recovering the Christian Mind by Rediscovering the Master Narrative of the Bible
R. Albert Mohler Jr.

Part 6: Preaching and Pastoral Ministry

19. Proclaiming the Gospel and the Glory of God: The Legacy of Jonathan Edwards for Preaching
Stephen J. Nichols

20. The Pastor and the Trinity
C.J. Mahaney

21. The Pastor as Worshipper
Ray Ortlund

22. The Pastor as Shepherd
Mark Dever

23. The Pastor as Counselor
David Powlison

24. The Pastor as Leader
John MacArthur

25. The Pastor and His Study
William D. Mounce

Part 7: Ministries

26. The Vision and Ministry of Desiring God
Jon Bloom

27. The Vision and History of The Bethlehem Institute
Tom Steller

Crossway commissioned illustrator Allan Burch to render a charcoal drawing of Piper, which is included in the book: