In light of Mark Driscoll’s comments about effeminate worship leaders, Kevin DeYoung suggests some wise counsel on moving an important discussion forward.

If I could recommend a couple of complementary (no pun intended) resources, I’d suggest John Piper’s What’s the Difference? and Randy Stinson and Dan Dumas’s A Guide to Biblical Manhood.

Both are short reads.

Piper focuses more upon biblical definitions for manhood and womanhood, suggesting answers for a son’s question, “Dad, what does it mean to be a man and not a woman?” or a daughter’s question, “Mom, what does it mean to be woman and not a man?” If you can only answer that question in terms of biology or in terms of pop-culture traits, this book is worth reading in full. (It’s online for free.)

Piper seeks to demonstrate the biblical basis for the following focus of masculinity:

At the heart of mature masculinity is a sense of benevolent responsibility to lead, provide for, and protect women in ways appropriate to a man’s differing relationships.

Stinson & Dumas focuses on practical suggestions for implementing the vision of being a godly hubsand, father, and leader. For example, they provide nine suggestions for how a man should lead with humble initiative in the home:

  1. Vision: This is where we are going
  2. Direction: This is how we get there
  3. Instruction: Let me show you how
  4. Imitation: Watch me
  5. Inspiration: Isn’t this great?
  6. Affirmation: You’re doing great
  7. Evaluation: How are we doing?
  8. Correction: Let’s make a change
  9. Protection and Provision: I’ll take care of you

They go on to explain each of these suggestions.

Both resources combined serve us well.