Here are the endorsements for Tullian Tchividjian’s forthcoming book, Do I Know God? Finding Certainty in Life’s Most Important Relationship, published by Multnomah and due out at the end of August:

“Warm, fresh, and helpful, Tullian’s insightful answer to the question ‘Do I know God?’ will be a guide and encouragement to many.”—Os Guinness

“With wisdom, grace, and transparency, Tullian helps clear the sometimes uncertain path of knowing and following after God. I am thrilled to endorse this thoughtful work and trust you will find it equally engaging and helpful.”—Ravi Zacharias

“Many people are confused today as to whether we can truly know God. Is it possible to actually have a relationship with the Creator of the universe? This book by my former student Tullian Tchividjian makes it clear that we can have such certainty and how that certainty is possible. It is thoroughly biblical, well balanced, excellently stated and illustrated. May God use Tullian’s volume to bring many to the wonderful assurance that God loves them in Jesus Christ.”—John Frame

“Tullian has written a good, simple, solid book on a crucial subject. Tullian wants you to know God and to know that you know God. Do you know God? This book can help you answer that most important of all questions. What better reason is there to spend money on buying a book—or time on reading it?”—Mark Dever

“This is a warm, personal book about assurance, about how we can know we have been redeemed by Christ. It is written with pastoral wisdom for a church often afflicted by deep currents of uncertainty and sometimes by faltering discipleship. It speaks to our time with biblical fidelity.”—David Wells

“To know that you know God and God knows you is life’s greatest source of peace, joy, and strength for the journey. Tullian takes strugglers by the hand and leads them with sure steps toward this certainty. Here is a book to be trusted and treasured.”—J. I. Packer

“My prayer for you, the reader, is that you will listen carefully to what my grandson says here. Apart from the Bible, this may be the most important book you could ever read, because it will help you answer the most important question you could ever ask: Do I know God”—Bill Graham (from the foreword

I just finished the book last night and would highly recommend it. More to come . . .