One of my pet peeves is people of various persuasions perpetually complaining, or seeking to demonstrate, that all of their critics have misunderstood them. I have been in various controversies or discussions where this seems to be a default position, with the charge that even the best critics have missed the boat.

But, sometimes there is genuine and sustained misunderstanding, which is a good opportunity for clarification and dialogue.

Here is a good discussion underway regarding covenantal apologetics (the Approach Formerly Known as Presuppositionalism).

See also James Anderson’s response to Copan’s claim that presuppositionalists are involved with begging the question (and consequently would get an F in an intro to logic class!).

If I can add a personal note, as one who has switched from a more classical approach to a covenantal one, I can say that the Lord has used this to give me much greater confidence in him and in the veracity of his comprehensive word.