If you’ve ever wanted an informed but short and accessible fly-over view of church history, Church History Made Easy by Timothy Paul Jones is a great introduction. Dr. Jones is an energetic, engaging, and informed teacher. I’ve been enjoying it. It will help you avoid the functional narrative that treats church history as only having three acts: (1) Jesus and Paul, (2) Calvin and Luther, (3) Billy Graham and John Stott.

If you want to go through it with a small group or a Sunday School class, there’s a 12-session DVD with leader’s guide as well as a participant’s guide. There’s also a complete kit which contains the following:

  • Leader pack with the DVD of twelve 30-minute video sessions and PDF files for promotional posters, fliers, handouts, bulletin inserts, and banners for you to print.
  • One printed leader guide + PDF of the leader guide.
  • One printed participant guide with session outlines, discussion questions, definitions, and time lines. Buy an additional participant guide for each person.
  • One copy of the award-winning Christian History Made Easy book. This full-color, 224-page book by Timothy Paul Jones tells additional stories that shaped Christian history.
  • One CD-ROM containing the fully illustrated 100-slide Christian History Made Easy PowerPoint presentation to give the leader optional material such as additional images and information to go deeper into popular events and people.

You can watch the first half-hour segment below: