A Beautiful Biblical Theology of the Passover in Song


Caroline Cobb and Sean Carter provide a great example of biblical theology through song, from the album The Blood + the Breath: Songs That Tell the Story of Redemption:

There’s a promise in our veins
But it’s faded by all these years in chains
Send a prophet, send the plagues
That by sunrise we will no more be slaves

Take the lamb, take the blood
And paint it on our doorways
At night death will come but pass us by
This is all our hope and peace

In the morning we will rise
Taste the freedom we thought we’d never find
We will dance now in the streets
Once held captive now we shall live as kings

Lift your head, your voice
And sing of your salvation
Of the blood of the lamb that gave us life

Now by this we’ll overcome
Now by this we’ll reach our home

There’s a poison in our veins
And it leads to death we cannot escape
Send a ransom a perfect Son
Remedy the curse with His precious blood

And the Lamb that will come
His cross will be our doorway
And the red of His blood will make us white
And daughters and sons
Rejoice in resurrection
And death swallowed up in endless life

Glory, glory this I sing
All my praise for this I bring
Naught of good that I have done
Nothing but the blood of Jesus

“The Passover Song (Feat. Sean Carter)”

Words and music by Caroline Cobb (ASCAP) and Sean Carter

Copyright 2013 Caroline Cobb Smith, Sean Carter.

Written January 11–14, 2013

Exodus 12 (The Passover in Egypt; see also John 1:29; Hebrew 10:20)


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