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Timothy George says that Sam Storms’ new book, Packer on the Christian Life: Knowing God in Christ, Walking by the Spirit (Crossway, 2015), “is one of the best books on J. I. Packer I have read. It gets to the heart of this great theologian’s central concern, what Henry Scougal called ‘the life of God in the soul of man.’ For those of us who have sat at Packer’s feet for many years, this is a delightful reprise and refresher. For new Christians just getting to know Packer, fasten your seat belts!”

And Michael Reeves writes of Leland Ryken’s forthcoming J. I. Packer: An Evangelical Life (Crossway, October 2015): ”Without a doubt, this is now the definitive, most up-to-date biography of J. I. Packer, and it deserves high praise. With the sensitivity, wisdom, and sheer humanity that a fine biographer needs, Leland Ryken allows us to see the life, mind, and heart of this quiet but highly influential man. Traversing the notoriously complex and hazardous terrain of UK and US evangelicalism with impressive sure-footedness, Ryken not only helps us to understand the man and his context, but ourselves as evangelicals.”

Here’s a 20-minute conversation I had with the two authors about this giant of modern evangelical history: