John Wilson (editor of Books & Culture) sits down with novelist and essayist Larry Woiwode for a wide-ranging 45-minute discussion about life and literature. Woiwode has two new books out from Crossway: Words Made Fresh: Essays on Literature and Culture and The Invention of Lefse: A Christmas Story.

Thanks to Crossway’s Ted Cockle for the time-stamp index:

00:48 Discussion about “homeplace”
7:27 Writers as truth tellers
12:38 Shakespeare’s humility
15:51 The critics of John Updike
21:35 Tolstoy and a lived sense of time
24:04 The impact of John Calvin on Woiwode’s life
32:04 The tension of an author/artist today (telling the truth about the world on one hand, and not being profane on the other)
40:07 Rumors of Larry’s upcoming novel
43:36 On The Invention of Lefse