With a PhD in communication (Purdue University) and a PhD in New Testament (Oxford University), Duane Litfin—president emeritus of Wheaton College—is in a unique position to write on the relationship between words and deeds, between verbal and non-verbal communication. In his new book Word versus Deed: Resetting the Scales to a Biblical Balance (Crossway, 2012), he explores this issues, arguing that both are essential and must be understood in their proper relationship.

In the video below I ask him a few questions about the project:

Crossway has provided a table of contents with timestamps:

00:01 – The subtitle of your book is “Resetting the Scales to a Biblical Balance.” What is the imbalance that you are seeing?
2:03 – Could you sketch a rough outline of how this imbalance came to be?
5:35 – How does your own history play into your interest in this subject?
7:07 – Tell us a little about the non-verbal aspect of communication.
9:30 – So in a sense, this is also a corrective towards conservatives who’ve downplayed the role of deeds in the life of the church?
10:21 – Could you give us an example or two of the ways in which the Bible is being misapplied in this discussion?
17:24 – What are the dangers of a church defining their mission as only evangelism?
12:10 – What is your take on Matthew 25? How is that passage in particular being used in this discussion?
16:08 – What, in your view, are the long-term effects of motivating the church to do good and legitimate things, but building them on the wrong basis?