Life Training Institute, in partnership with Burning Bush Communications (and endorsed by the National Religious Broadcasters), is launching a 13-episode pro-life apologetics show this Fall. So far, 51 networks have signed on. You can view episode 1 below, hosted by Scott Klusendorf.

You can watch episode 1 here:

The show has three objectives:

  1. Save lives: As Christians, we value life and don’t want to ever see another Planned Parenthood dumpster filled with God’s image-bearers.
  2. Change lives: Souls will be saved as they hear that Jesus is willing to heal and forgive women and men who have participated in abortion. The Gospel will be loud and clear.
  3. Equip Christians to engage the culture with a compelling (and winsome) pro-life argument.

Here are the titles for the 13 episodes (which can be viewed here):

  1. What Is It? The abortion issue is not complex, but comes down to one issue that trumps all others.
  2. What the Bible Says About Abortion. Scripture is not silent on issues of grace, forgiveness, and our need for moral clarity.
  3. Exposing the Darkness. Yes, abortion is gruesome business, but Christians should lovingly expose evil deeds rather than cover them.
  4. The Bodily Autonomy Argument. Does the self reign supreme when it comes to morality or does autonomy come with a huge price tag?
  5. Men and Abortion. What about guys who’ve abandoned women in their time of need? What about women who’ve been hurt by Men?
  6. Human Value. There are two radically different views of humanity. One says we are valuable by nature. The other says we are valuable by function. Which view better accounts for human equality?
  7. Emotions. How can those haunted by guilt from past abortions find forgiveness and healing?
  8. Maternal Objections. What if the mother doesn’t want to give birth to a disabled child? What if being a mother radically crushes her future hopes and dreams?
  9. Baby Objections. What makes us human, consciousness, feelings, or, something else?
  10. Postmodernism and Abortion. How do we make a case for life with people who think moral truth is a mere preference, like choosing Chocolate ice-cream over vanilla?
  11. Talking the Talk. How can pro-life Christians engage with well-crafted questions? How can they present their case in 1-minute or less?
  12. The Gospel and Abortion. Christians should know how the gospel applies to all areas of life. Here are five tips for applying the gospel to the abortion issue.
  13. Do Something! How can believers move from attitudinal opposition to abortion to behavioral opposition in a way that saves lives and brings God glory?

The show will appear nationally this Fall. For more information, go to lifeisbest.tv.