An excellent and important post here from Kevin DeYoung.

Here is the outline, with a quote from each section:

1. Writing for others is a privilege.

(“Writing is hard work, but authors should never forget that to be read is also a tremendous gift.”)

2. Writing should be in the service of others.

(“All of us who write must constantly ask the question: am I really doing this to serve others or to serve myself?”)

3. Writing should be kept in proportion.

(“I need to be a faithful preacher and a caring shepherd before I am a good writer.”)

4. Writing should be kept in perspective.

(“If an older man publishes his magnum opus, let the accolades roll in. But when 30somethings and 40somethings marvel slack-jawed at their own writings—sheesh. It’s embarrassing.”)

5. Writing should be overseen with accountability.

(“There is no one way to work with a pastor-author, except that there should be some governing body within his church that encourages, approves, and holds him accountable.”)

6. Writing should be done by the person whose name is on the cover.

(“The simple fact is that for 99% of the reading public they assume that if your name is on the cover of a book that you wrote the book.”)

7. Writing should be done humbly.

(“Don’t pass along all the kudos about your stuff. ‘Let another praise you, and when they do, go ahead and retweet your awesomeness’—I don’t think that’s what Proverbs had in mind.”)

Read the whole thing.