The Top 125 Influences on the Gospel-Centered Movement


Who has shaped this gospel recovery movement? I’ve thought a lot about the myriad voices speaking into the gospel-centered tribe, mostly for the better, and asked around with quite a few influential folks themselves to compile this list. First, however, a few caveats:

1. The list gets more and more arbitrary as it goes on. The criteria consists solely of my own subjective appraisal with the input of others’ subjective appraisals. I am prepared for your critiques and yes-but’s, but please note that none of us should take this too seriously.

2. I tried to think keenly about all the folks whose voices have given shape to this still-developing movement, sometimes called “young restless and Reformed” (YRR), “neo-Reformed,” “gospel-centered,” etc. Some of the names included are folks who worked largely behind the scenes but were influential in networks and resources. Some of the names included would not consider themselves a part of this movement; some never did. And yet their influence is still in my mind undeniable. There are some names included that some (most?) of us in the tribe might wish to distance ourselves from now. And yet their influence is still, for better or worse, part of what has made the tribe what it is. The contributions of some of these people were formative. Some are still formative. Some are beginning to become formative. In a year, two years, five years, names from nearer the bottom may be nearer the top, and vice versa. Let the reader understand.

3. With the exception of the recently departed R.C. Sproul, Jerry Bridges, and Elisabeth Elliot, I have only included still living figures. So you will not see highly influential Puritans or Reformers or other key figures in church history, both ancient and recent. No Luthers, no Spurgeons, no Calvins, no Edwardses, and no Stotts, no Lewises, no Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

4. It should go without saying, but since this is the Internet: None of the people on this list is more or less important than anybody else. Or more or less important than you. I love you. Don’t be mad at me.

All right, here goes: The Top 125 Influences on the Gospel-Centered Movement

1. John Piper 2. Matt Chandler 3. Tim Keller 4. R.C. Sproul 5. Mark Driscoll 6. Al Mohler 7. D.A. Carson 8. John MacArthur 9. Justin Taylor 10. Francis Chan 11. Tullian Tchividjian 12. Collin Hansen 13. Tim Challies 14. Russell Moore 15. C.J. Mahaney 16. Wayne Grudem 17. Lecrae 18. David Platt 19. Jen Wilkin 20. Jerry Bridges 21. Thabiti Anyabwile 22. Mark Dever 23. Paul Tripp 24. J.I. Packer 25. Kevin DeYoung 26. Ligon Duncan 27. Michael Horton 28. Ben Peays 29. Paul Washer 30. Elyse Fitzpatrick 31. Voddie Baucham 32. Bryan Chapell 33. Sinclair Ferguson 34. Timothy George 35. Ann Voskamp 36. James White 37. Keith and Kristyn Getty 38. Joshua Harris 39. Ed Stetzer 40. Bruce Ware 41. Bob Kauflin 42. Derek Thomas 43. Crawford Lorritts 44. Tony Reinke 45. Eric Mason 46. Trevin Wax 47. Tom Schreiner 48. Darrin Patrick 49. Derek Webb 50. Gloria Furman 51. Thom Rainer 52. J.D. Greear 53. Douglas Wilson 54. Carl Trueman 55. Shai Linne 56. Graeme Goldsworthy 57. Joni Eareckson Tada 58. Matt Smethurst 59. Elisabeth Elliot 60. Bob Thune 61. Alistair Begg 62. Joe Carter 63. Ray Ortlund, Jr. 64. Scotty Smith 65. Scott Sauls 66. Owen Strachan 67. Mike Cosper 68. Joe Thorn 69. Carl Ellis, Jr. 70. David Powlison 71. Leonce Crump 72. Don Whitney 73. Steve Nichols 74. Sam Storms 75. Dane Ortlund 76. Trillia Newbell 77. Douglas Moo 78. Steve Timmis 79. Ed Welch 80. Nancy Leigh Wolgemuth 81. Sam Allberry 82. Rosaria Butterfield 83. Phil Johnson 84. James K.A. Smith 85. Greg Koukl 86. John Frame 87. Steve Lawson 88. Iain Murray 89. Louie Giglio 90. Randy Alcorn 91. Mike Bullmore 92. Trip Lee 93. Wendy Alsup 94. Daniel Montgomery 95. Andreas Kostenberger 96. Stephen Um 97. Dave Harvey 98. Matt Boswell 99. Jemar Tisby 100. Kevin Vanhoozer 101. Jeff Vanderstelt 102. Hershael York 103. Danny Akin 104. Matt Carter 105. Andrew Peterson 106. Ted Tripp 107. Conrad Mbewe 108. Aaron Ivey 108. Matthew Lee Anderson 109. Jackie Hill Perry 110. Zack Eswine 111. Doug Logan 112. Karen Swallow Prior 113. Mary Kassian 114. Dustin Kensrue 115. Brian Croft 116. Jason K. Allen 117. Art Azurdia 118. Justin Holcomb 119. Jim Hamilton 120. Jason Kovacs 121. Sally Lloyd-Jones 122. Tope Koleoso 123. Dhati Lewis 124. Eugene Peterson 125. Ted Kluck

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