We are less than 2 weeks away from our 3rd Normal Pastor Conference, sponsored by The CSB. Attendees have been blessed by this refocus on the gospel’s power and peace for ministry, and I hope you’ll be among them this year.

The conference will be held Friday, August 2 to Saturday, August 3 at Liberty Baptist Church in Liberty, MO (Kansas City). Check out this promising message lineup:

Won Kwak on “Joy-filled Seasons of Pastoral Ministry”
Ronnie Martin on “The Fearful Pastor”
John Onwuchekwa on “Pastoral Perseverance”
Nathan Rose on “The Pastor and Spiritual Warfare”
Joe Thorn on “Anxiety in the Pastor’s Heart”
Jared Wilson on “Pastoring Through Hostility”

Every attendee will also receive a free copy of H.B. Charles, Jr.’s On Pastoring and of course lots of opportunity to sing and pray together and fellowship with other “normal” pastors (and their wives and colleagues!).

Registration cost is juts $39, but if you register 4 or more from your church, you can use the promo code GROUP for 40% discount on your ticket purchase.

More info and registration link here.

Hope to see you there!