I’m Doing Some Ministry Coaching Through Tailored Coach


I know, I know. I’ve never seemed like the guy who did “coaching.” And I’ve probably done my fair share of making fun of it. But over the last couple of years as I’ve done more church staff and elder training events and conferences, I’ve had some friends suggest I shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss offering more personal help for pastors interested in applying gospel-centrality more to their ministries. So I’m gonna give it a shot.

Starting in February, I will be offering 6 months of ministry coaching via Tailored Coach. The format will be cohort based (limit 12 people) and will involve a combination of monthly group conference teaching/Q&A’s and one-on-one coaching. All the details are here, including cost.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

1. Why Gospel-Centrality? This session will lay the biblical foundation for orienting ministry around the finished work of Christ.

2. The Gospel-Centered Pastor. Pastors fundamentally lead from who they think they are. This session will deal with identity and empowerment.

3. Preaching. An overview of approaches to the Bible and preaching pro-tips on making the main thing the main thing.

4. Shepherding. Peter tells pastors to “shepherd the flock of God that is among you.” This session will cover what that looks like from the gospel-centered paradigm and offers some “best practices” for scheduling, administrating, visiting, and sabbathing.

5. Discipling. How do you help people constantly look to Jesus? If the call of the church is to make disciples, what should pastors be doing week to week to facilitate fulfilling this mandate?

6. Gospel-Centered Troubleshooting. This session will deal with applying our union with Christ to ministerial and relational issues that can cause frustration and discouragement – problem people, gossip, the slow pace of change, difficult contexts, family dynamics, etc..

Space of course is limited and deadline to apply is Wednesday, January 10. If you or someone you know is interested, apply soon!

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