This fall don’t you feel the need for a good story? How about a book that takes place in the Pacific Northwest that’s equal parts mystery and adventure? How about a book that incorporates elements of C. S. Lewis and Dante and classical mythology? How about a book that chapter by chapter builds a world full of signs and symbols, literary allusions, and theological depth?

I tried to write this exact thing for you, and it’s officially available today. My new novel Echo Island is about four boys who return to their island home off the coast of Washington state from a camping trip to discover that everyone has vanished. (No, it’s not the rapture!) Where did everybody go? Why doesn’t anything electronic work? What’s up with that mysterious cabin in the woods? What’s the deal with all the green notebooks?

Ostensibly a YA novel, Echo Island is written with lovers of classic speculative fiction of all ages in mind. It tells a story about growing up and about finding our place in the battle of good vs. evil, as well as about the age-old tension between God’s sovereignty and human freedom. On top of all that, it’s got killer plot twists, a spooky mystery, and a lot of action. I hope your kids—and you!—will love it.

Find out more at EchoIslandBook.com. You can order it there or buy it wherever good books are sold.

Here’s what some people are saying about it:

“In Echo Island, Jared WIlson taps into all the things I love most about fiction: adventure, mystery, and a story that truly makes you think. Jared’s writing is exquisite, and I found myself locked into the characters and story from the first few pages. Now more than ever we need stories that shape us, and this one will surely do just that.”
— Aaron Ivey, Pastor of Worship + Creativity, The Austin Stone and co-Author of Steal Away Home

“With Echo Island, Jared Wilson has done it again. A mystery and adventure—this story will keep you turning the page. You’ll hear echoes of your own story and of the ‘Real Story,’ in which C. S. Lewis says ‘every chapter is better than the one before.’ This story, once you start, will grab your attention, and if you listen, will shape your life.”
— Champ Thornton, pastor and author of several books including The Radical Book for Kids and Why Do We Say Good Night?

“Two things: I’ve never been a huge fan of are book blurbs (perhaps, besides Twitter, the lowest and least-sincere form of human communication) and young adult fiction. But after reading Echo Island in its entirety I am, at least momentarily, a huge fan of both. This book was everything a young-adult novel should be—fun, hopeful, thoughtful, challenging, and full of the kinds of characters you see aspects of yourself in. And oddly, as a middle-aged father, I found myself being edified and encouraged by it as well.”
— Ted Kluck, author of The Extraordinary Life of a Mediocre Jock and The Outstanding Life of an Awkward Theater Kid, co-host of The Happy Rant Podcast

“Wilson is the consummate storyteller. Echo Island is a brilliantly crafted adventure ride from page one. There is an art to fleshing out characters and painting a backdrop on the written page that can magically stick in the mind’s eye of the reader and Wilson masterfully accomplishes that. Filmmakers aim to greenlight stories that can resonate with a broad audience while simultaneously sticking to a niche genre; Echo Island accomplishes all of that and more!”
— Ryan O’Quinn, President & Founder, Damascus Road Productions