I’m now accepting applications for my Spring ministry coaching cohort with Tailored Coach. If you’re interested in developing greater gospel-centrality in your ministry — if you’re in your first five years at your church or leading a revitalization/transition work, in particular — this could be a great opportunity to learn from other men in the trenches and get some help “dialing in” on some key issues.

6 months of group meetings featuring short applicational lectures with Q&A via Zoom
Cohort access 24/7 via private Slack group
Individualized help with pastoral, practical, or personal matters.

Here are some subjects I’ve helped pastors with in the last two seasons of the cohort:

– Developing both content and delivery with preaching.
– Getting a grasp on gospel-centered philosophy for ministry.
– Transitioning from attractional to gospel-centered paradigm.
– Troubleshooting small groups, discipleship process, membership development.
– Leadership development.
– Navigating staff issues or areas of conflict in the church.
– Family/work balance.
– Personal disciplines and devotional life.
– Marriage and family issues.
– and more

More details, including schedule and application access at my page at Tailored Coach.

I’m especially interested in helping guys in their first decade of ministry, particularly with issues of finding identity in Christ and how to pastor from that, as well as relational dynamics in ministry and leadership. Space of course is limited, and we start January 29, so if you or someone you know is interested, apply soon!