Why Do They Always Ask if Homosexuality is a Sin?

Recently my teenage son came home telling me of a conversation with an unbelieving friend about the gospel. He was encouraged to have been able to talk through specifics of what the truth of the gospel is and how someone becomes a Christian. At the same time he had a question. “Why do I always get the same question from people? They always ask me if I think homosexuality is a sin.”

As I thought about it I have two basic answers to the question.

First, homosexuality is not viewed negatively by most young people. Whether it is because they see it as cool, rebellious, progressive, liberating, or whatever, it is definitely not negative. Hollywood helps to set the tone and shape the public opinion on this with the numerous shows and movies that depict the gay lifestyle as normal and intriguing (see more on this here). The political landscape has also become increasingly sympathetic to homosexuality. As a result anyone who would believe anything impugning about a gay lifestyle is out of step with a significant segment of the population, especially younger people.

Second, homosexuality is a convenient trojan horse to smuggle in all kinds of other sins. The Bible is clear that homosexuality is a sin (Rom. 1.26-28; 1 Cor. 6.9). If you say that the Bible says otherwise then you are brashly undercutting its authority. In other words, if the you don’t believe that the Bible says that homosexuality is a sin then you can scarcely say that anything is a sin. This, I believe, is the real issue. When people talk about Christianity they are not so concerned with Gay rights as much as they are with their rights. They want to be off the hook of God’s authority. Homosexuality is a convenient way to to cut the strings of accountability and authority.

At the end of the day the objections must be seen in light of what they are: rejection of God’s authority. Instead of vacillating on social issues in effort to be more acceptable with unbelievers, Christians must concentrate on being faithful to God. Because, if we are not going to submit to the Bible why would anyone else?