I was blessed to have recently preached through Genesis. For those who may be interested, I’ve included some of my favorite resources for study and preparation below. 

Creation and Blessing, Allen Ross. 

Ross is consistently helpful for expositors by his attention to the overall structure of passages, theological themes, and useful considerations for personal application. This resource is especially helpful for those preaching through the book.

Word Biblical Commentary (Parts 1 & 2), Gordon Wenham. 

Like other Wenham commentaries, teachers will benefit from his conservative scholarship and careful exegesis. Paired with Ross, the preacher would be well-served with Wenham.

The New American Commentary (Parts 1 & 2), Kenneth Matthews. 

Each week, I was helped by consulting Matthews. Interacting with myriad issues that arise in Genesis, Matthews was a thoughtful and reliable guide.

Genesis (Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries), Derek Kidner. 

Like the rest of the series, this volume is accessible and filled with many devotional and textual nuggets. Kidner’s ability to be concise and clear is an asset for anyone digging into Genesis.

Kingdom Prologue, Meredith Kline. 

Kline provides a biblical theology that’s especially helpful in thinking through key themes in Genesis, such as covenant and kingdom. This is helpful for expositors tracing out the eschatological development of these themes.

Calvin’s Sermons on Genesis, John Calvin. 

I love and always benefit from Calvin’s commentaries, but his sermons are different. In reading through his Genesis sermons I was helped by his observations, meditations, and careful pastoral application throughout.

If you are looking for reasons to preach through Genesis and some preaching themes, see this article I wrote for 9Marks.