Resources for Studying Ephesians

I’m finishing up preaching through Ephesians in a couple of weeks. Here are some resources that have proven useful for sermon work. I put my favorites first and then broke them down in categories below. (If you’re thinking about preaching this book see this article.)

Favorite Resources

  1. Peter O’Brien (Pillar NT Commentary) My go-to exegetical commentary each week.
  2. F. F. Bruce (NICNT – Colossians, Philemon, and Ephesians) Faithful, clear, and brief. Always helpful.
  3. Carson & Beale (Commentary on the NT Use of the OT) Useful articles on every reference to the OT by an NT author. This is a must, not only for Ephesians but for every NT book.
  4. John Stott – (The Message of Ephesians – Bible Speaks Today) I try not to read Stott until I have my structure and outline because he is so good. Always a clarifying comment.
  5. Klyne Snodgrass – (NIV Application Commentary) Like the rest of this series this is a commentary that is not too technical but always helpful for understanding and applying the text.
  6. NIVSB (NIV Zondervan Study Bible) Edited by D. A. Carson, the notes in this volume function like a commentary emphasizing on biblical theology. I’m surprised this resource doesn’t get more publicity; I use it all the time.
  7. Sinclair Sermons – Some people don’t like to listen to other preachers when they are preparing to preach, but I do. And, there is no one I enjoy more than Sinclair Ferguson.

Exegetical Commentaries

Expositional / Devotional

Introductory Material

NT Theology

Sermon Series