Q & A Friday :: Why is Good Friday good?


So what is so good about Good Friday? This question was asked at our dinner table the other day and has been rattling around in my head ever since. Someday I’d like to make a tract with this question on it; perhaps for next year. What follows are some meditations as to why Good Friday is good.

Good Friday is ‘good’ because…

…Jesus was my substitute there upon that blood-stained tree

…Jesus wore the crown of thorns that I might wear the crown of life

…Jesus was scourged that I might be healed

…Jesus was condemned that I might be pardoned

…Jesus was abandoned that I might be accepted

…Jesus was made to be sin that I might become righteous

…Jesus pleased the Father whom I had angered

…Jesus tasted death that I may never taste it

…Jesus drank wrath that I might drink the waters of life

…Jesus died that I may live

…Jesus was showered with judgment he did not deserve that I might be showered with the grace that I do not deserve

…Jesus distinguished himself as the exclusive basis for divine forgiveness

…Jesus purchased eternal redemption through his eternal sacrifice to pay my eternal debt

…Good Friday is good because I am so bad

….and Good Friday is only good because the Savior, our Lord Jesus is so good

:: Feel free to add your own praise evoking meditations of the cross in the comments as to why Good Friday is so good…


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