Nebraska Governor to Fight Abortion Laws


Nebraska’s Governor Heineman is standing to to represent what he feels is the prevailing view among Nebraskans. He has signed the first of two significant bills into law.

The first is Legislative Bill 594 and it will require doctors to do extensive screenings of women seeking abortions in Nebraska. According to the Omaha World Herald:

Women will have to be assessed for any indication that they feel pressured to have an abortion, as well as for risk factors that could predispose them to mental or physical complications. The bill will hold doctors civilly responsible if a screening falls short.

The second bill, LB 1103, would ban abortions at 20 weeks after fertilization. This time is selected because many experts believe this is the time when babies may feel pain. This change would move back the current Nebraska law from 22 weeks, which is in concert with the standards set by the Supreme Court.

While this does not go as far as I would like it is at least a step against the prevailing climate that allows for very easy access to abortions with minimal oversight to doctors.

At the same time it grieves my heart that we live in a country that so easily legislates the provisional death of her children. The resetting of the time when a baby feels pain just brings the brutality of this subject to our eyes. We are talking about murdering children. Weak, helpless, defenseless, babies. God help us.

So at the end of the day we can praise God for how the governor of my home state seems to be paddling against the current but at the same time hear our collective hearts grown over the brutal industry of abortion.

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