Inside Out Living- A sermon on the Gospel by Tim Keller

In recent memory I have not had a sermon so ‘talk’ to me so much after hearing it as this one by Tim Keller.  It has instantly become a favorite.

Keller’s text is Luke 18.9-14, the Pharisee & the Tax Collector.  He exposes the issue at hand: a quest for approval/glory.  And then shows the two ways to go about resolving the issue: Outside in (Pharisee) and Inside out (Tax Collector).

If you are like me and have a vocal inner legalist crying out for justification by works of the law then this sermon is for you because the gospel is for you.  I am so thankful that God provides faithful teachers of his word to poke, prod and push us towards the acceptance that is in Christ.

You can listen (grey + sign) or download (click on the title) the sermon below:

Inside Out Living