Helping You Delight in God’s Word


It is truly astounding that we can come to the Bible everyday and we are met, fed, and sustained by the Word of God and the God of the Word. This is a tremendous privilege. In fact, it is such a privilege that we ought to be carefully intentional as to how we use the time.

Once you have settled the fact that you are going to be committed to daily reading your Bible, you may encounter a common problem. A few hours into a busy day you may take a few minutes to gather yourself and think about what you have read. But, to your dismay you have a difficult time remembering anything specific or “sticky” from your earlier reading.

In the past I have written about the danger of “dental chair devotions” where we simply swish and spit after our time in the Word. The problem is we don’t remember or make personal application; we just swish the text around in our mouths then close the book and what we have read is gone.

In my morning reading of the Bible I have adopted a practice of writing down a particular verse or verses from my reading. It may be a verse that was convicting, for example, in this this morning’s reading I wrote down Luke 24: 38:


Or it may be a verse that is a reminder of God’s promises for the future. Last week I wrote down 2 Cor. 5:1:


I also like to summarize a central application for me to remember. Last week I wrote down Luke 19:7 which reminded me of the priority of the 2nd Psalm: Kiss the Son. I thought that day of the kingship of Jesus and the coming judgment.

I really enjoy this method because of how it addresses the dental chair epidemic mentioned above. But, I also appreciate it because it forces me to focus on a verse, summarize it, and place it like a lozenge in the mouth of my soul. Further, by writing it down it uniquely inscribes it differently to my mind then if I just read it. Finally, by writing it in a notebook I am compiling a booklet of verses that are adorned with life’s experiences that I may continually look back upon with fondness, joy, and gratitude.

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